Top 10 demanding subject in Bangladesh

Top subject in Bangladesh

There are many job opportunities in the country and outside the country if you study in the ten subjects. In this article, I will talk about top ten subject in Bangladesh and the outside of Bangladesh. Subjects in which you can easily get a job after completing graduation if you can do skill development. I have arranged the top 10 subjects.

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Top subject in Bangladesh

Computer Science & Engineering

Present time and future planning is about coding and programming. Already we are seeing IOT based work happening all over the world as well as robotics. When you understand something related to IT, you remember about computer science. You can feel free to complete your graduation from Computer Science.

Engineering and Technology

Engineering technology includes electronic and electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, architecture, civil engineering. There is a huge demand for engineering technology outside the country including Bangladesh.

Business and Management Studies

No matter what sector you work in you need to look at marketing. Apart from the marketing sector but your company or organization, all types of organizations are stagnant. Business and management system is very necessary to run an organization. The value of this subject is high in Bangladesh as well as outside the country.

Economics and Econometrics

The role of the economist is immense in all areas starting from personal economy to country society and beyond the country. If a country has no money, it has no value. That is why the economy is in demand all over the world including Bangladesh.


You know what we call MBBS this ward is known all over the world, that means medical profession is great profession. After this profession but if medical sector subject is considered then pharmacy. Those of you who want to study pharmacy must read this subject. Pharmacy department is in demand not only in Bangladesh, but all over the world.

Law or LLB

Law we are popularly known as LLB. It has a huge demand from Bangladesh to all over the world. All people have to face legal problems in any sector, be it personal or business. But solution for them but those who are in law i.e. studying in LLB need it. There is a huge demand for this LLB i.e. Law Department in Bangladesh and outside the country. But this subject is taught in public and private. Aspirants can complete their graduation from LLB.

Mechanical Engineering

You know that as many machines or machinery as there are products, all of them are considered mechanical. Those who want to study mechanical engineering, outside Bangladesh but the demand in this subject is very high. Starting from garment factory, all the types of machines or machinery products we use in the industry are but a part of mechanical. Understand that there is a huge demand for mechanical engineers in the country and outside the country. Those who have a fair level of engineering and want to show themselves in the world can definitely complete their graduation in mechanical engineering.

Art and Design

But art and design are in demand all over the world, starting from Bangladesh. I am always giving a lot of importance to art and design from all over the world. If anyone wants to complete graduation in art and design, those who have a lot of creativity, but you can complete graduation in this program.

Accounting and Finance

At present and in the future, our accounting work has to be done in all sectors, but the value of this accounting subject is high in Bangladesh and outside the country. Generally, those who have a commerce background can complete their graduation from this subject.

As many programs as I have mentioned engineering, non-engineering from all sectors but computer science and engineering have been placed at the top, because its future is very good. Those of you who have a science background and love computer related work, like programming, want to work on robotics, you can study computer science and engineering.
These are the ten programs that you should be currently studying in. If you can study, develop skills in these ten programs, then you can do all types of work from your job to business. From today's writing, you must have understood which program you should enroll in at present.

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