Low cost Private University in Bangladesh for Textile Engineering

Private University for Textile Engineering

Many people think that they can do two jobs at the same time in addition to studying in universities and the average quality of the university is good, the value of the certificate is good, and the campus is beautiful. Asked to suggest some universities of this type. Normally there are many private universities in Bangladesh. You all know that. Among them, ten or fifteen or twenty universities, but the quality of education is very good. Among them, today I will talk about ten universities, in which the textile studies are very good and you can do BSc from here in low budget. So let's start. However, it is very difficult to bring ten universities out of many universities in Bangladesh, even then, I will say a serial not ranking.

 Low cost Private University for Textile Engineering

  1. Green University of Bangladesh
  2. South East University
  3. Northern University of Bangladesh
  4. Bangladesh University of Business and Technology
  5. Stamford University of Bangladesh
  6. Eastern University
  7. Manarat International University
  8. City University
  9. World University Bangladesh
  10. Uttara University
  11. Atish Dipankar University

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Green University of Bangladesh

Green University of Bangladesh is ranked among the top 10 universities in Bangladesh. This university is doing very well for engineering and in this university but last semesters they have been studying in low budget but from this semester but they have been doing high range semesters. That is Green University of Bangladesh. If you want to take admission in this course or take admission in this program on evening shift i.e. Friday and Saturday in this university, then you will need two and a half to three lakh taka and you can complete graduation in textile from this university.

South East University

South East University is a very good place to study textiles in day and evening batch in Bangladesh. This university has made an announcement about their campus at the present time. In the meantime, they have already shifted to the permanent campus. So now there is no problem. Those who have an approximate budget of two to two and a half lakh taka can complete their graduation from this university in textile in the evening shift.

Northern University of Bangladesh

You know Northern University of Bangladesh is one of the private universities in Bangladesh, the ranking is also good, starting from permanent campus, all kinds of facilities are available in this university. Specially for those who want to study in evening shift but this university is very good. Mainly textile engineering but good study is given in this university. But in this university education is done in low budget ie this university is between 2 lakh to 2 lakh 20 but this university can complete textile graduation.

Bangladesh University of Business and Technology

Those who have a budget of two to two and a half lakh taka and want to study in Dhaka Mirpur can study in Bangladesh University of Business and Technology.

Stamford University of Bangladesh

Another university for textile, the university that I have placed at number five is Stamford University of Bangladesh. But there is a problem of UGC in this university, of course, before admission in this university, you should see the latest update from the UGC website and you will be admitted. Evening shift in this university will cost about two to three lakh taka. Those who want to study in this budget on Friday and Saturday can study in this university.

Eastern University

The university that I have placed at number six is Eastern University. Eastern University is doing very well in engineering i.e. CSE or EEE. EEE also has IB membership. But they are trying to do better in textiles. Those who have a budget of around two to two and a half lakh taka, want to take classes in evening shift and two days a week, but they can study in this university textile. This university has a permanent campus and this university is located in Ashulia.

Manarat International University

In this university, but the Dhaka campus has been turned off, those of you who will be admitted must be admitted in the permanent campus. And the permanent campus is in Ashulia. So, in this university, studies are conducted on a very low budget. You can study in this textile within one lakh eighty to two lakh taka in this Manarat International University.

City University

You know if I catch day evening Everest, but this city university is low-cost, but it is the best university at such a small cost. Because there is a lot of good education in textiles here, there is also a textile industry. What happens is that students get opportunities in the job market as well. So if you want to study in this university, you will have between 2 to 2 lakh 20 thousand taka. If your CGPA is 3.000. It is also a campus but in Ashulia. You can directly go and get admission in this campus. Allready but summer semester admission has started.

World University Bangladesh

This university is currently doing very well and textile is very good and recently they got approval from UGC but permanent campus. If you want to study in evening shift in this university, you may spend 2 to 2 lakh 60 thousand taka in this university. Those who have this type of budget and students who are Uttara centric, Gazipur centric can study in this university. Because it will be easy for you to come to this university.

Uttara University

The university that I have placed at number ten, two universities, is Uttara University. You know that Uttara University is very good for fashion design. But it is doing very well for texttiles as well. This university will require two to three lakh taka.

Atish Dipankar University

Besides there is another university i.e. under 2 lakh that is Atish Dipankar University. So a big lab has been made in textile in this university. I myself went and saw. So those who have very low budget and CGPA 3.00 in this university can study in Atish Dipankar University.

I have talked about these ten or eleven universities and there are some universities outside of which studies are done at a fair level.
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