Top 10 Private University in Bangladesh for Pharmacy

Best Private University in Bangladesh for Pharmacy program

Many people may know that pharmacy program is not only in Bangladesh, but there is a lot of demand for pharmacy programs all over the world. The job market of pharmacy in Bangladesh is very high and outside the country but its job market is very good. Only those good students who want to study well and will study well will take admission in this program. Today we will talk about Top 10 Private Universities in Bangladesh for Pharmacy. Among the universities that offer good pharmacy studies, five universities without exam and five universities with exam should get a chance.

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Best private university for pharmacy

Best private university for Pharmacy

  • North South University
  • University of Asia Pacific
  • BRAC University
  • East West University
  • Daffodil International University
  • Independent University Bangladesh
  • Estate University
  • Southeast University
  • Northern University Bangladesh
  • Prime Asia University
  • Stamford University Bangladesh

North South University (NSU)

Pharmacy programs are running in many universities, North South University is one of them. We all know the name of this university basically who want to study in private university. It is one of the best private universities in Bangladesh and if you want to study with pharmacy program in this university, the duration of the pharmacy program is five years. Two universities in Bangladesh conduct five-year courses, one is Dhaka University and the other is North South University. Those who want to study pharmacy and have a reasonable budget, results are good and want to do much better, you can take admission on North South University for pharmacy.

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University of Asia Pacific (UAP)

Another university in Bangladesh which is good for pharmacy and ranked alongside North South is University of Asia Pacific. This university offers a very good course in pharmacy and you can complete your graduation within four years in this university.

BRAC University

Another university in Bangladesh which is number two in the ranking among private universities is BRAC University. BRAC University is one of the best universities in the country. The quality of studies in this university, other activities are very good and the university has connectivity with many international organizations. If you want to study in this university, it will take four years to study the pharmacy department, and this university will cost you about 13 to 14 lakh taka at present. Those who have more budget can complete graduation in pharmacy from this university.

East West University

The number four university is East West University. As you know this university has pharmacy department and from pharmacy department there are very good studies in this university. If you want to study pharmacy in this university, currently it takes four years and if we talk about the costing, it will take about ten lakhs. Those who have a big budget can study in this university.

Daffodil International University and Independent University Bangladesh

I have placed two universities at number five, one is Daffodil International University and the other is Independent University, Bangladesh. The duration of these two university courses is four years. To study in Independent University, Bangladesh, you will need 11 to 12 lakh taka, while in Daffodil International University, an average of 9 to 10 lakh taka will be required to study pharmacy at present.

In these six universities you have to get a chance by taking the admission test, besides the quality of studies in these universities is very good. Studying in pharmacy department requires a lot of dedication. Apart from these six universities there are some other universities where good studies are conducted.

Now let me tell you which universities offer good studies without admission exam.

Estate University

Estate University Pharmacy has very good studies in Pharmacy Department, no exam is required for admission. You can get admission by going directly. In this university you have to complete your graduation in 4 years. For graduation here you need 8 to 9 lakh taka. Those with good results will get a waiver. In the Waiver system, the cost will be reduced.

Southeast University

South East University is very well known for engineering. Those who want to complete their graduation in pharmacy department can choose this university in Southeast University. The quality of other activities of this university is average good. You can get admission in this university without exam, here it will take 7 to 8 lakh taka to complete pharmacy subject in four years.

Northern University Bangladesh

The university which is number three is Northern University Bangladesh. This university offers very good courses in pharmacy and is a budget friendly university. It will take about six and a half lakh taka to complete four graduations in Pharmacy Department.

Prime Asia University

Prime Asia University is a well-known university for pharmacy. One of the best programs in this university is Pharmacy. Those who have a budget of seven to seven and a half lakh taka can be admitted to this Prime Asia University.

Stamford University Bangladesh

The number five university is Stamford University Bangladesh. You can complete your graduation from this university within four years and cost will between six to six and a half lakh taka.

I have mentioned the names of eleven universities, all of them have very good studies in pharmacy. Although they are private universities, their quality is very good. Those who have a higher budget can study in the first six universities and those who have a lower budget, who do not have to take the exam and will come under the waiver system, can study pharmacy in these five universities.

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