Top Ten Best Hotel in Cox's Bazar

Hotel in Cox's bazar

Cox's Bazar is the first in the list of sightseeing places leading the tourism industry of Bangladesh. Cox's Bazar is always busy welcoming tourists whether it is the pull of the vastness of the sea or vacationing. Here you will find many world-class hotels to ensure maximum service to the many tourists from abroad every year. However, many times tourists feel reluctance to choose a hotel. Considering that, here is our today's article with the necessary contact information along with the name of the top ten hotel resorts in Cox's Bazar. To making this best hotel resort list, we have tried to take into account the quality of service facilities of the hotel resorts, Google rating, Facebook page rate, user reviews and location.

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Hotel in Cox's bazar

Cox's Bazar hotel list

  • Sea Pearl Beach Resort & Spa
  • Ocean Paradise Hotel & Resort
  • Sayeman Beach Resort
  • Mermaid Beach Resort
  • Jol Torongo
  • Mermaid Eco-Resort
  • Inani Royal Resort
  • Long Beach Hotel
  • Neeshorgo Hotel & Resort
  • Hotel Seagull

Sea Pearl Beach Resort & Spa

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Sea Pearl Beach Resort & Spa

This five star hotel is built on the world's largest beach, Cox's Bazar Inani Beach. With the sea on one side and the towering mountains on the other, this luxurious resort built in Spanish architecture is always ready to welcome tourists. Spread over an area of about 50 bighas, every structure inside and outside the resort exudes luxury. Brings a royal feeling to the arriving guests. Located at Royal Tulip Sea Pearl Beach Resort. 493 rooms. Where superior rooms are a combination of hill view and sea view. For newlyweds, there are luxury honeymoon suites that have all the essentials of a home. And there is also a Jacuzzi and a swimming pool. In addition to these, each room at Royal Tulip Sea Beach Resort has deep fridge, coffee maker, TV, water bottle, power factor, 24 hours room service and free Wi-Fi facility. Other facilities include International Mane Bar, Coffee Shop, Swimming Pool, Children's Grand, Water Pabadmint-Badminton Court, 3D Movie Hall, Lever, Gym and Spa. Out-door activites include parafiling, score killing, dead sea fishing and speed board riding facilities. Besides, there is a spacious 10,000 sq. ft. space for organizing corporate events. Two seminar rooms and a large ballroom. The special feature of Royal Tulip Sea Pearl Beach Resort is that this resort has its own beach. At a short distance from the resort, one of the tourist attractions is Himchari Jharna, Burmese Market. Due to the open stage, any type of event including destination wedding, gala night, family program, fashion show, meetings can be easily organized. Royal Tulip Sea Pearl Beach Resort also has different categories of rooms. If you want to spend the night in one of these rooms, you will have to pay from 12,000 to 1,18,000 taka.

Sea Pearl Beach Resort & Spa contact information - 

Jaliapalong, Inani, Ukhia 
Cox's Bazar - 4750, Bangladesh.

Ocean Paradise Hotel & Resort

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Ocean Paradise Hotel & Resort

Hossain Paradise Hotel Cox's Bazar: Ocean Paradise Hotel & Resort is a five-star hotel covering two acres of land on the west side of Kalatali Road in Cox's Bazar. Cox's Bazar is like a heavenly safety net for those who want to travel, one of the goals of this hotel is to impress the guests with the vow of service in a clean and beautiful environment free of noise. Inside the hotel you will find silence without any noise around. But you can hear the frantic call of the waves and the swooning sound of the sea bass. The moment you step inside the main gate of the hotel building, you open the mirrored door and your whole body will feel a sense of calmness. Duty Officer or Public Relations Officer will come to greet you. Accompanied by hotel-made welcome drink with various flavors of Lasami Lalna. The arrangement of cleaning the room is completed before the welcome water runs out. The open atmosphere around the lobby will make you forget the time spent without iron in the city and feel different in an instant. Four modern elevators have quickly delivered the guests to their destination. When you enter the room yourself, if you move the window curtain or stand on the balcony, you will see the waves crashing on the house. Then it will seem that the wave is trying to touch your feet. The hotel also has modern amenities. The living room is neatly arranged with jacuzzi bathtub and all foreign useful things. You can go to curry leaf multi-cuisine restaurant on the second floor to get rid of body fatigue. The 296-room world-class hotel offers guests a fitness center, swinging pool, fitness center, elite restaurant and bar. There are also spa facilities. Capt. Cox Ballroom Shah Souza with modern facilities and its hall can be used depending on the presence of people. You can't help but be enchanted by going to the second lock. You will find the boathouse of the old Bonik ship inside the brick stone. You can soak your favorite alcohol on the underwater shore watching the sound of the sea and the dancing of the waves. In the afternoon, you can walk to the beach in just five minutes. Entering the hotel in the evening, Ektara will play the tunes of timeless songs. Ed Kalatali Cafe sitting in the decorated teahouse and sipping on a cup of tea at this time will look great. I don't want to sit in the lobby. By using the elevator, you can go up to the roof of the hotel and see the wonderful view of the sun sinking into the ocean. Here is the guest service, second is the cyber restaurant. Here you can enjoy delicious food including barbeque while sitting in the cool shade of the sky. You can see the huge circular helipad on the roof of the hotel. Not only by land, but also by air, you can come by helicopter and land easily on this helicopter. But must be informed in advance. If you want to enjoy the waves in the sea of busy city life, you can be a guest at Hotel Ocean Paradise Hotel Resort on any holiday of the year. If you want to stay in the hotel, you have to pay from 8,000 to 17,000 taka per night.

Ocean Paradise Hotel & Resort contact information - 

28-29 Hotel Motel Zone, Kolatoli Road,
Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh
E-mail :
+88 09619 675 675

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Sayeman Beach Resort

Sayeman Beach Resort is one of the elite and international quality hotels in Cox's Bazar. The specialty of this resort is that the sea can be seen directly from the resort. This resort has been created with the management and skillful skill of all the world class elements. The pleasant atmosphere, sincere service and other hospitality win the hearts of people. As a result, it is the favorite holiday destination of elite class people in the country and abroad. The five-star quality beachfront resort with 228 accommodations on Marine Drive in Kalatali Beach offers state-of-the-art facilities. There are 16 Panorama Ocean Suites, 36 Deluxe Suites and 176 Seaview Rooms. There are multidimensional luxury facilities including LCD TV, central air conditioning, central water heating system rooms and controllers. Beach view from most rooms. There are three restaurants, spacious swimming pool and spacious convention hall for corporate meetings and other events. Milena Baldwin also has seating for approximately 700 guests. To stay in the hotel, you may have to pay from 10,500 taka to 44,000 taka per night.

Sayeman Beach Resort contact information - 

Marine Drive Road Kolatoli
Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh
+880 9610 777 888
+880 1401777888

Mermaid Beach Resort

Although the infrastructure for entertainment in Cox's Bazar has not been developed in that way, hotel-resorts have been developed every year. Between so many resorts and hotels, you have to research to find out which one is the best. But among so many hotel resorts, Betico Mermaid Beach Resort. It is located in a place called Himchari Patchar Island, which is quite far from Cox's Bazar city. If you want to go to Mermaid from Cox's Bazar via Marine Drive, you have to cross Himchari. The distance will be approximately 15 to 16 km. And by easy bike it will take you about an hour. Once here you will feel like let's take you back to Cox's Bazar. The main reason for this is that this resort is not only beautiful to look at. As there is no noise and crowds in this area, one can enjoy the entire beach on their own. Cottages, villas and suites are spread over a large area. Many people think that only honeymooners or couples come here. The matter is not like that. Many people come here with all their family members. But it goes without saying that this resort is the best place for honeymoon in the country. This resort is best for honeymoon couples for many reasons. Mermaid Beach is like a private beach. People from outside are hardly seen. Apart from this, the cottages are built at such a beautiful distance that each cottage is one's own home. The cottages are not just beautiful to look at. Indoors is also world class. Every vehicle is designed in such a way that every thing has an imprint of the industry. Most of the items are made of wood, bamboo and cane. Outside the cottage are hanging snails with water in earthen pots returned from the beach. Bicycles are available for touring the entire resort. Besides, when you first arrive, you will be brought to your room by a really easy bike. When you reach the cottage, you will feel better when you see that the cottage is named after you. The cottage bathroom is also very clean. The fittings and tialries inside are also of international standard. However, Mermaid especially the seafood dinner or lunch is so good that many people from Cox's Bazar come here every day just for dinner or lunch. Mermaid authorities have made special arrangements for those who come to this resort on honeymoon. The most romantic of these is a candlelit dinner on a boat at high tide. This dinner is organized on the boat. May be the sweetest and most memorable dinner of your life. The resort has cayco. You can take a kayak out on the water of the canal. But there are several beautiful places nearby. Himchari is very close to the resort. If you want, you can see the sunset slowly disappearing into the sea from the top of the mountain. On the way paracycling is done at Himchari. You can go there for paracycling. If you want to stay in a cottage, you have to pay between 12,000 to 36,000 taka per night.

Mermaid Beach Resort contact information - 

Pechar Dwip, Cox's Bazar
+(88) 018 4141 6468-69
E-mail :

Jol Torongo

Jol Torongo is one of the glitziest new hotels in Cox's Bazar these days. It is also known as Army Welfare Trust. It is currently the closest luxury hotel to the sea. Just 10 minutes from Cox's Bazar Airport, Jol Torongo is centrally located on Labni's beach. Providing you with all modern amenities while enjoying the outdoor view of the world's longest beach. Jol Torongo is one of the closest places to the beach. Which gives the guests a great experience. The main feature of Jol Torongo is that the sea view can be enjoyed from the hotel rooms. There is a huge garden in front of the hotel. Which is one of the attractions of the hotel. If you want, you can sit on the rooftop of the hotel and enjoy all the wonderful views. There is an infinity pool with easy views of the green. Which makes the hotel different from other hotels. There are a total of 85 rooms with whirlpool balconies. All types of rooms are here starting from premium rooms. Each room has a balcony that offers you a beautiful view of the beach. A spacious lobby with 34 seater hi-tech conference room, banquet facilities, 60 seater dining area, rooftop barbeque restaurant, excellent fitness center with children's play area are among other facilities. The cost for per night on Jol Torongo hotel is 16000 taka.

Jol Torongo contact information - 

Army Welfare Trust Rest House,
Laboni Beach
Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh.
Hotline: +88 09610999333
E-mail :

Mermaid Eco-Resort

Mermaid Eco Resort at Cox's Bazar Inani Beach has become quite popular among the sections of Bangladesh. Eco-friendly natural materials are used in the construction and management of this resort on Patcher Island adjacent to Inani's Rejukhaye. Nature meets modernity beautifully in Mermaid. The cottage made of bamboo, wood and thatch is a nest of peace. You too can take a break from the conditions of brick-and-stone buildings and enjoy the rural life in a bamboo thatched cottage for a few days of vacation. Pristine sea in front of Mermaid Resort. You will meet someone who leaves the house. Besides, the food here has variety. Those who want to enjoy the pure nature and beauty of the sea can go to this eco-resort, avoiding the extra noise of hotel resorts adjacent to Labani or Kalatali Beach. There are 30 cottages in this resort. The doors and windows of the cottage are made larger than usual. So that the guests can enjoy the fresh air coming from the sea. Neat and tidy, each cottage has all the modern amenities inside. There are opportunities for barbeque, hill trekking and surfing. Apart from this, there is a yoga center, swimming pool, indoor outdoor sports facilities, spa, no travel arrangements conference room and mini theatre. The cost for per night on Mermaid Eco Resort from 5,000 to19,000 taka.

Mermaid Eco-Resort contact information - 

Pechardwip, Marine Drive Road
Cox's Bazar-4730
Hotline: +8801841416464+8801841416465

Inani Royal Resort

Inani Royal Resort is located in an international standard scenic environment near Marine Drive Road near Inani Beach, about 27 km from Cox's Bazar Airport. Facing the beach front of Inani, Inani Royal Resort has a lovely garden which makes the hotel even more attractive. There are a total of 48 rooms with high quality shower and bath tub bathrooms and separate balconies. Each of which has AC cable TV and free internet connection to make you feel at home with entertainment. Facilities at this hotel include a 24-hour front desk, room service, and a restaurant. Where continental and Asian delicacies are available. Apart from this, there are private parking facilities at various costs, bike rental for guests to explore the surrounding area, and airport shuttle service at an additional charge. Special features at this hotel include one child aged five years and below staying free with their parent or guardian. Baby sitting, child care, site shopping, a picnic area and a local cuisine served by the hotel as breakfast are complimentary at an additional charge. Please note that no pets or service animals are permitted here. To stay in the hotel, you have to pay from about 5,500 taka to 5,700 taka per night.

Inani Royal Resort contact information - 

Marine Drive Road, Ukhia, Inani 
Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh.
Hotline: +88 019 5222 7741
Reservation: +88 019 5222 7744
E-mail :

Long Beach Hotel

Long Beach Hotel is a top business class hotel in Cox's Bazar, very close to the hills and sea-beach, which is about 2.5 km from the airport and about 3.3 km from the local bus stand. Cox's Bazar beach is only 5 minutes away from this hotel. From here, almost everything in Cox's Bazar can be reached very easily and in a short time. It is a world class hotel for a relaxing honeymoon or business tour. Each AC room here has free internet, satellite, TV seating area and balcony. There are also 24-hour front desk, barbecue facilities, garden, meeting facilities, ticket service, free parking facilities, an indoor swimming pool, fitness center and spa facilities. There is also a gift shop. From where one can buy various interesting gift items for family relatives and friends. You may have to count from 6,500 taka to 40,000 taka per night to stay in the hotel.

Long Beach Hotel contact information - 

14 Kalatoli, Hotel-Motel Zone
Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh
Tel : +88 02333347000-3, +88 09666772266
Reservation: +88 01730338907, +8801755660051

Neeshorgo Hotel & Resort

Neeshorgo Hotel & Resort Limited is built with all facilities of international standards in a pleasant and quiet environment at the beginning of Marine Drive Road, ten minutes away from Cox's Bazar Kolatali. The specialty of Neeshorgo hotel & resort is that guests can enjoy the beauty of the sea from every room here. Lying in bed you can hear the roar of the waves. All rooms have balcony and living room. Room size is between 500 to 800 square feet. There is a honeymoon package with a bed decorated with flowers of your choice. About the infinity swimming pool and the roof. Sunbathers can enjoy it from afternoon to evening sitting by the swimming pool and sipping fruit juice. Suddenly, it seems that the blue water of the flower has mixed with the sea. If you are next to it, you will feel like you are sitting on the mountain and watching the sea. There is a private beach in Neeshorgo hotel & resort. Where can there be a better opportunity for noise-free nature and closeness to loved ones? Everyone's favorite Neeshorgo hotel & resort has already beaten all the hotels in terms of taste and quality of food. There are also international standard gym and spa services. Not only border guests but also locals and many other guests flock here to have lunch or dinner. Neeshorgo Hotel & Resort per night cost from about 5,500 to 30,000 taka.

Neeshorgo Hotel & Resort contact information - 

Plot No. 492, Marine Drive Road
Cox's Bazar
Phone :01771566673, 01779969554

Hotel Seagull

Cox's Bazar is a very popular destination for Bangladeshi travelers. The world's longest natural beach is waiting for the tourists with an unearthly beauty. There are various five star hotels built here for the visitors coming to the beach and one of the popular five star hotels is Hotel Seagull. Located at Sugandha Point in Cox's Bazar, the five-star quality hotel with its own beach is not only modern but also has modern and luxurious accommodation as well as various facilities. Swimming pool, park with fitness center, restaurant, spa services are also there. Apart from this, there is a child-friendly kids play zone, business center and all modern safe and hygienic facilities. Seagull Hotel is not only one of the best in Cox's Bazar but also one of the best hotel in Bangladesh. It is Cox's Bazar's first five-star luxury deluxe hotel. This five star hotel has 182 guest rooms and suites. Cold and hot water swimming pool, state-of-the-art restaurant and business center. Seagull Hotel also has package tour facilities for travelers. The Madhurima suite at Hotel Seagull will amaze you with 1800 sq ft contemporary marble tiles fittings. Located on the top floor of the hotel building, there is plenty of open space with complete privacy. All modern amenities include a beautiful queen-sized master bedroom, private bathroom with shower and bathtub, and glass-roofed living plus dining room. Each room also has its own balcony facing the wide open sea. To stay in the hotel you have to pay from 5500 to 40,000 taka per night.

Hotel Seagull contact information - 

Hotel Motel Zone , Cox's Bazar Sea Beach
Cox's Bazar
Tel: 09614444440, 

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