Best Interior Design company in Bangladesh

Interior Design company in Bangladesh

Interior design is like painting a masterpiece within a building, aiming to make the inside both healthier and visually delightful for everyone who spends time there. An interior design company specializes in creating aesthetically pleasing and functional spaces within buildings. They have experts who are really good at arranging and designing the insides to make them look great and work well. Interior design companies have talented designers who work together with clients to know what they want, like  and can afford.

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Interior design company in Bangladesh

Interior design firms often handle various tasks like picking out furniture that fits the vibe, arranging where things go, selecting colors that match  and making spaces look stylish. Some also take charge of the whole project and make sure everything happens smoothly and stays within the budget set by the client. They're like creative problem-solvers who make spaces not just beautiful but also practical.  Design companies need to stay updated on new styles and tech to create awesome interiors. Also, they need good communication skills to collaborate well with customers, architects, builders  and other experts in design.

These days people care more about how their homes or offices feel. They want places that match their style and boost their mood. Nice surroundings can give energy and make tasks more enjoyable. Everyone dreams of a perfect home or office that suits them. Interior designers make this happen by adding color and style to spaces and turning these dreams into reality. Skilled professionals can transform homes and offices amazingly. They're experts in creativity, technical skills and making spaces work for people's lives. In recent years, the interior design business in Bangladesh has grown significantly. Now, there are more than 100+ interior design companies in Dhaka, Bangladesh. It will be hard  for you to   choose the best interior design company in Bangladesh. So today we will discuss about  top 10 interior design companies in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Here's a list of the top 10 interior design companies in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Interior design company list in Bangladesh

  • Vaaz Interior
  • BD Interior
  • Archiden Interior
  • Zero Inch Interiors Ltd
  • Interior Studio Ace
  • Studio Triangle
  • Interior Concepts & Design Limited
  • Trimatric Architects & Engineers
  • Dream Touch Architects Ltd
  • Sketch Interior
  • Imagine Interiors

Vaaz Interior 

Vaaz Interior is established in 2006 it specializes in creating stunning interiors for corporate offices, showrooms, restaurants, apartments  and kitchen cabinets. Their  aim is to become one of the leading companies in Bangladesh. They value experience and hard work consistently growing their reputation and reach. They prioritize meeting their clients' needs with timely and realistic designs from the company's inception. Quality is crucial to them; they  maintain high standards in design, materials, and colors. They are collaborating with established local and international companies which are in our country on the turnkey system.

Vaaz Interior Contact Details

Phone Number: +8801720212986



Office address: 522, South Manipur, Mirpur, Dhaka-1216

BD Interior

BD interior was established in 2010. It stands tall as one of Dhaka's finest interior design firms. They've showcased their expertise across Bangladesh notably in Dhaka and other key cities like Rajshahi, Chittagong, Sylhet, and more. Their comprehensive services span home, office, showroom and hotel interior design along with exterior landscaping.  It has the technical capabilities to achieve the highest level of work with “turn-key” Projects through their services offered. Their Experienced and Skilled Architects, Interior Designers and Engineers successfully participate in every project from the initial concept fixing to handover maintaining precision & professionalism to make sure the project runs smoothly and try to give the clients top-level satisfaction. Their passionate team is committed to transforming your vision into reality and  crafting spaces that truly reflect your dreams

BD Interior Contact Details

Phone Number: +88 01711 208563



Office address: House: 531 (4th Floor), Road: 12, Baitul Aman Housing Society Ltd, Adabor, Mohammadpur, Dhaka – 1207

Archiden Interior

Archiden Interior embodies happiness, tradition, and global beauty. They craft interiors that feel like home, focusing on creating spaces that understand people As the top Interior Design Company in Dhaka, they tailor solutions to fit unique needs and budgets. They are always striving for excellence. They blend classic and modern styles to turn your vision into a stunning reality regardless of space size making sure it's a visual treat that matches your taste. They have  excellent interior design for homes, offices, events  and more. They  help clients understand spaces better focusing on both efficiency and comfort. They make sure every detail fits well and feels good aiming for harmony and practicality. Their process includes planning space layouts, item placement, detailed interior designs  and ensuring comfort for everyone using the space. Archiden has a reputation in Bangladesh for its innovation, and excellent customer service which makes it an appealing option among architects and homeowners.

Archiden Interior Contact Details

Phone Number: +880 1794 604608
Office address: Flat B1, House 163, Road 03, DOHS-Mohakhali, Dhaka 1212, Bangladesh

Zero Inch Interiors Ltd

Zero Inch Interiors Ltd in Dhaka, Bangladesh started in 2009. Their vibrant full-service brings spaces to life. They're experts in designing and renovating places like offices, homes, shops, resorts  and luxurious hotels. From cozy cafes to corporate offices they make spaces stunning. They have a passion for creating your living space most perfectly in every way.  Their focus is on sustainable design using eco-friendly materials aiming for durability and low environmental impact. They prioritize renewable and recycled products, embracing futuristic, smart design techniques to maximize space utility. Their success comes from attention to detail, technical expertise, creativity and professionalism in every project. They ensure high construction standards and materials striving for excellence in each endeavor. Over the years they have completed numerous successful interior design projects that have received high praise.

Zero Inch Interiors Ltd Contact Details

Phone Number: +8801816089804
Office address: House 14, Road 6/a, Sector 5, Uttara, Dhaka-1230‏, Bangladesh

Interior Studio Ace

Interior Studio is a boutique interior design company in Dhaka, specializes in comprehensive interior setups for residential and commercial spaces. It is known as Bangladesh's top-notch design firm, they boast innovation, competence and dedication. They excel in transforming abstract ideas into tangible realities crafting custom furnishings and appliances tailored precisely to individual tastes and preferences. They prioritize your preferences analyzing your property to craft a personalized design just for you. Their focus isn't just on appearance; they create designs that add substantial value and usability to your space. With a skilled team using modern design techniques and technologies their proven expertise ensures the best design for your project. 

Interior Studio Ace Contact Details

Phone Number: 01743888878


Office address: 4th Floor (4B), Plot No. 189,

Block B, Bashundhara Main Road,

Bashundhara Residential Area ,Dhaka-1229, Bangladesh

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Studio Triangle

Studio Triangle is a pioneering interior and construction company in Bangladesh has gained popularity for its innovative approach in interior design, architectural consultancy  and sustainable engineering services. They excel in planning and implementing cutting-edge designs for both business and residential buildings leveraging advanced technology. Renowned for their work in workplace interiors, banks, hotels and apartments across Bangladesh. They've swiftly established themselves as a top interior design firm in the country. Their comprehensive services span architectural and interior design, consultancy, urban planning, sustainable engineering and refurbishment projects. Since their inception in 2013, they've expanded rapidly offering tailored solutions that meet budget and design requirements, coupled with a strong commitment to timely quality-driven implementation. Their vision is to lead responsible innovation in the architecture and engineering sector creating designs that elevate lives, preserve the environment and benefit Bangladeshi society.

Interior Concepts & Design Limited Contact Details

Phone Number:  +88 01723 876880
Office address: Manama Urban Forest, 3rd Floor, H-108, R-12, Banani, Dhaka-1212, Bangladesh

Interior Concepts & Design Limited

Interior Concepts & Design Limited stands tall among Bangladesh's top and most competitive interior design companies. They focus on details making each project special and reflecting their dedication through unique stories told by their designs. Their talented interior designers have excelled in specifying and arranging products consistently delivering exceptional projects throughout Bangladesh. Understanding the significance of interior design in modern life they emphasize its role in adding elegance, comfort  and functionality to daily living. As a leading interior design service provider, their experienced and dedicated team strives for top-notch quality in their work. They deeply understand their clients' needs aiming to translate their preferences into perfect homes and structures From creating dream homes to productive offices and aesthetically pleasing restaurant interiors their expertise shines through these areas. Interior Concepts & Design Limited is known for its customer-centric approach tailoring designs to individual needs. Their accomplished team has completed numerous projects across Bangladesh focusing on providing exceptional service and realizing clients' dreams in both residential and commercial spaces.

Interior Concepts & Design Limited Contact Details

Phone Number: 01618900555
Office address: 323 Aftab Tower, 1st Floor
(Near Bangladesh Television),
Rampura, Dhaka-1219, Bangladesh

Trimatric Architect and Engineers

Trimatric Architect and Engineers is established in 2007 stands out as a pioneering firm in creative design solutions for both residential and commercial spaces. Renowned for their imaginative skills and professionalism. They aim to understand their clients deeply reflecting their personalities and fulfilling their unspoken desires. Their mission emphasizes delivering quality products and services at reasonable prices while respecting social norms contributing to employment generation  and fostering continuous improvement in technical skills. Their vision focuses on creating livable environments through unconventional designs aiming to generate employment opportunities and leave behind vibrant legacies for future generations. With a commitment to innovation and excellence, Trimatric strives to satisfy customers' desires through sophisticated detailed designs ranging from small retail spaces to grand residences and luxurious 5-star hospitality projects.  They compose sensual spaces that inspires, engage, and intuitively evoke a sense of place & timeless elegance. The purpose & Nature of the architecture may vary but these visions remain constant to their philosophy. 

Trimatric Architect and Engineers Contact Details

Phone Number: +88 02 48321385
Office address: 125 Ramana Century Avenue, Boro Moghbazar, Dhaka-1217, Bangladesh

Dream Touch Architects Ltd

Dream Touch Architects Ltd is a renowned interior design firm in Dhaka, Bangladesh specializes in elevating spaces with exceptional solutions. Their expertise lies in crafting innovative functional designs that not only catch the eye but also enrich clients' lives. They strongly believe that good design should not only be visually appealing but also practical and functional. They work closely with their clients from the initial concept to the final installation to fully comprehend their vision and goals.  They are offering a spectrum of services from residential to hospital commercial  and hospitality interior design. Their skilled team also handles space planning project management  and exterior landscaping. Committed to excellence they've built a reputation for surpassing expectations and delivering remarkable results with meticulous attention to detail and a focus on customer satisfaction. Their goal is seamless project execution providing clients with an enjoyable experience and extraordinary spaces. For transformative designs in Bangladesh Dream Touch Architects Ltd. is the go-to choice.

Dream Touch Architects Ltd Contact Details

Phone Number: +8801715600223
Office address: Level #6, Room #14(6/14) Eastern Plaza, Bir Uttam CR Datta Road, Hatirpool, Dhaka-1205, Bangladesh

Sketch Interior

Sketch Interior is a top-tier interior design company in Bangladesh offering comprehensive solutions for spaces. They excel in every aspect of interior design from conceptualization to project development, ensuring expertise in each field. With a primary goal of ensuring customer satisfaction they prioritize delivering the finest solutions using high-quality materials. Sketch Interior stands out as a leading firm, committed to providing top-notch interior solutions for various spaces aiming to exceed customer expectations with their expertise and focus on quality.

Sketch Interior Contact Details

Office address: House no.170, Road no.03, Mohakhali (New Dohs), Dhaka, Bangladesh

Imagine Interiors

Imagine Interiors is a globally recognized design firm specializing in interior and exterior projects across residential, commercial, hospitality, retail, healthcare and beauty sectors. Their turnkey approach ensures comprehensive design solutions from consultation to project completion. Their passionate team offers cutting-edge designs guiding clients through every stage  from initial concepts to project coordination. They prioritize staying updated with the latest design trends and believe in merging aesthetics with functionality. Whether in Bangladesh or abroad they gather fresh ideas to better meet client visions emphasizing bringing clients' dreams to life through innovative design.

Imagine Interiors Contact Details

Phone Number: 01712 664168
Office address: SEL Rose-N-Dale,116, Kazi Nazrul Islam Avenue, Banglamotor, Dhaka -1205, Bangladesh.

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