Software development company in Bangladesh

Best Software development company in Bangladesh

One of the potential industries of Bangladesh is the IT industry. Bangladesh has seen significant growth in its tech industry over the past couple of decades, with many software companies emerging as key players in both local and international markets. When considering outsourcing software from Bangladeshi companies, it's essential to look for reputable and well-established firms. In the software industry, many companies are always thinking of new ideas, being creative, and aiming to serve both local and global markets as best as they can.

Before you decide to outsource software from Bangladesh, you might want to identify the top software companies in the country with a strong history of meeting your requirements effectively.

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Software development company in Bangladesh 

Bangladesh Software Company list

  • DataSoft Systems Bangladesh Limited
  • Cefalo Bangladesh Ltd
  • Daffodil Software Ltd
  • SELISE Digital Platforms 
  • Southtech Limited
  • LeadSoft Bangladesh Limited
  • Workspace Infotech Limited
  • Riseup Labs
  • TigerIT Bangladesh Ltd
  • BJIT Limited
  • SoftBD Ltd
  • Nascenia
  • Kaz Software Limited
  • Dream71 Bangladesh Ltd
  • Pridesys IT Ltd
  • Apploye HQ
  • Brain Station 23
  • Enosis Solutions

In today's article we will discuss about 18 notable software companies in Bangladesh which  is highly highly skilled  for your business.

DataSoft Systems Bangladesh Limited

DataSoft is a standout software company from Bangladesh. It's a CMMI Level 5 company, a prestigious recognition only held by 377 companies worldwide. Since 1998 DataSoft has been delivering innovative technical services to both corporate and public sectors  including Fortune 500 companies. They've played a crucial role in projects like Chittagong Port Automation and the Jute Genome Project contributing to the digitalization of Bangladesh. With a strong focus on IoT, AR, VR and ongoing AI and Machine Learning projects . DataSoft is at the forefront of technology. Their vision is to deliver quality solutions and build The Digital Delta through innovation and integrity.

DataSoft's focus is on  providing software solutions  that benefit customers, shareholders, and employees. They value customer satisfaction, results, innovation  with honesty, and fairness.

DataSoft Systems Bangladesh Limited Services:

     CMMI consultation with other software companies

     Modern data centers, cloud computing, and other IT infrastructure services

     System Management & Implementation

     Solutions for software development


DataSoft Systems Bangladesh Limited Contact information :

Rupayan Shelford (20th Floor), 23/6, Mirpur Road, Shyamoli, Dhaka-1207, Bangladesh.

880-2-58151538, 880-2-58151542, 880-2-48121377, 880-2-48115029


Cefalo Bangladesh Ltd

Cefalo is a consulting and outsourcing company from Norway, with its main operations in Dhaka, Bangladesh. They focus on providing software development and maintenance services to European clients. It was established in 2010. Its head office is located in Oslo,Norway. With an estimated employee size of 100-250, they serve clients with an undisclosed hourly rate. Cefalo is a well-established player in the industry known for its expertise in web and mobile app development. They offer software development, maintenance  and testing services from Dhaka, Bangladesh. Their experts work on web and mobile tech, and they can provide experienced project managers for your projects.


Cefalo Bangladesh Ltd Services:

     Project Management


     Testers/ QA Engineers

     Scrum Masters

     Software Architects


Cefalo Bangladesh Ltd Contact information:

Address: 12, Road: 12, Dhanmondi, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Mobile: +88 02 9131954



Daffodil Software Ltd

Daffodil Software Ltd. (DSL) was created to meet the growing demand for application software for existing and potential markets  and accomplish the Corporate Sector needs. They are ISO 9001-2000 certified and run by a skilled management team with ISTQB certifications. DSL provides software services, training  and  expertise in relevant field and has powerful strategic alliances with secured market positioning. They specialize in three sectors- software supply, software lifecycle management and infrastructure solutions.  DSL caters to clients at all levels, ensuring strong and agile businesses through their services. DSL aims to provide technical support, information and problem-solving guidance to clients. They offer project consultancy, system integration, application services, software support, data entry and call center solutions for all customer levels.


Daffodil Software Ltd Services:

     Data Migration & Porting Solutions


     Search Engine Optimization

     Software Testing Service

     Web & E-commerce Development

     Software Customization

Daffodil Software Ltd Contact information:

Address: 64/3, Lake Circus, Kalabagan Mirpur Road, Dhanmondi Dhaka.

Phone: +8802 9116600, +8802 8115986

Fax: +8802 8116103



SELISE Digital Platforms 

Selise, a Swiss company operating from Dhaka, Bangladesh.  It provides software development, IT consulting and digital transformation solutions. They are known for their dedication to quality, innovation  and client satisfaction. Selise offers software engineering and business consulting services to a wide range of businesses in different industries  making them a trusted technology partner for companies seeking excellence in software development and IT solutions.

SELISE Digital Platforms Services:

     Enterprise Cloud

     Custom Applications

     E-commerce Websites

     Application Management

     Business Consulting

     Digital Transformation

     Digital Platforms

SELISE Digital Platforms Contact information:

Address: Secure Link Services BD Ltd. Midas Center, H-05, R-16 (New) Dhanmondi, Dhaka-1209, Bangladesh

+88 02 9104 556

Southtech Limited

Southtech is a top IT service provider in Bangladesh  holding the prestigious CMMI Level 5 - V2.0 certification with over 26 years of industry experience. Beginning in 1996 with just four employees  now it has grown into a leading software company dedicated to business innovation. Southtech specializes in custom software solutions, customer support, UX/UI design, data center hosting, consultancy, and training. The company has earned recognition and awards  including being listed among the Top 500 companies in Bangladesh. Their flagship product  Ascend Financials  received honors and accolades at various national and international events  showcasing Southtech's commitment to excellence in the IT sector.

Southtech Limited Services:

     Data center hosting

     Customized software solutions

     Customer support and maintenance

     User experience and user interface design

Southtech Limited Contact information:

Hazi Komar Uddin Tower, 3rd Floor – West Side, 27, Ashkona, Dakshinkhan, Dhaka-1230.


LeadSoft Bangladesh Limited

LeadSoft Bangladesh Limited is a leading IT/ITeS solution provider company in Bangladesh. LeadSoft Bangladesh Limited, founded in 1999. Since its inception LeadSoft Bangladesh Limited is growing day by day, it has now a core competent team of 300+ personnel. Having a track record of delivering numerous products and services successfully, LeadSoft is now expanding its services to offer skilled resources for outsourcing various IT needs. LeadSoft specializes in designing, developing and maintaining business software for domestic and global markets. They offer Core Banking Solution for banks and serve various sectors like Non-Banking Financial Companies, Agent Banking, Capital Market, Life Insurance and Enterprise Resource Planning. Their services cover the entire software development life cycle  including system analysis, web API development, UI/UX design and project management. Additionally, they've ventured into emerging technologies like Blockchain, IoT  and AI, making them a prominent ICT solution provider in Bangladesh and a trusted IT partner.

LeadSoft Bangladesh Limited Services:

     Fintech applications

     Mobile application development

     Artificial intelligence

     Data warehouse and analytics

     Core banking solutions

     Blockchain development

     Internet of Things development

LeadSoft Bangladesh Limited Contact information:

LEADS Tower, M-20, Main Road 1, Section 14, Mirpur, Dhaka 1206, Bangladesh

Phone:+880241 001 205

 WhatsApp:(+880)167 535 8575


Workspace Infotech Limited

Workspace Infotech Ltd. is one of Bangladesh's largest software companies  delivering high-quality services globally since 2008. With a team of 55 in-house engineers and 30+ remote software experts  they excel in turning real-world challenges into digital solutions. They've successfully completed over 500 government, semi-government  and private projects  emphasizing both quantity and quality. WorkspaceIT is a notable member of the Bangladesh Association of Software and Information Services (BASIS) and operates from Melbourne, Australia  and Dhaka, Bangladesh. They provide comprehensive software solutions with excellent 24/7 support, top-notch quality, proven experience  and a satisfied client base of 300+. Whether it's software or web applications  WorkspaceIT covers all aspects of the software industry and aims to grow together with its clients while embracing the latest technology.

Workspace Infotech Limited Services:

     Graphics Design

     ERP Software System

     HR and People Management System

     Website design

     Web development services

     Software Development Services

Workspace Infotech Limited Contact information:

House-16, Road-12, Nikunja-2, Khilkhet, Dhaka, 1229, Bangladesh




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Riseup Labs

Riseup Labs is a globally recognized IT service and technology solutions provider. They help businesses with digital transformation  using advanced technologies like web 3.0, IoT, cloud, and automation. With 13+ years of experience and a portfolio of 700+ projects  they've worked with major organizations worldwide. Their mission is to support enterprises in achieving their business goals through IT services and technology solutions. Riseup Labs offers a range of products and services  including AI, blockchain, game development  and more to simplify and strengthen businesses. Their commitment to clients and industry expertise ensures satisfaction and success in the digital journey. They specialize in various fields like AI & ML, Network Operation, Software Development, Blockchain Development, Metaverse Development, Game Development, Mobile App Development, Web Development, Augmented Reality Development, Virtual Reality Development, Mixed Reality Development, Extended Reality Development, BPO, Quality Assurance, IT Enabled Services (ITES), Simulation Services, Capacity Building for IT, Resource Augmentation, IT Staff Augmentation, upstaffing, and many more.

Riseup Labs Services:

     R&D Services

     Web Development

     Software Development

     Internet of Things - IoT

     Blockchain Development

     AR / VR / MR Solutions

     Automation & Simulation

     Mobile App Development

Riseup Labs Contact information:

+880 1759 747387

Floor-14, Tropical Alauddin Tower, Plot No-32/C, Road-2, Sector-3, Uttara, Dhaka-1230


TigerIT Bangladesh Ltd

TigerIT is a leading provider of end-to-end credential management solutions for government and state agencies. They offer turnkey solutions for national IT infrastructure projects, combining cutting-edge design, robust backend systems  and efficient project management. TigerIT solutions range from National ID, Voter Registration, e-Passports, Border Control, Driving License to Vehicle registration and tracking. TigerIT specializes in system integration, identity governance, Enterprise Single Sign-On and access management for organizations like banks, telecom companies  and multinational corporations. They have successfully deployed solutions in several countries and have extensive experience in managing complex projects involving sensitive data and large-scale systems. TigerIT is a trusted partner for governments and organizations worldwide.

TigerIT Bangladesh Ltd Services:

     Managed Securit

     Privileged Account Management

     Identity and Access Management


TigerIT Bangladesh Ltd Contact information:

House 21, Road 28, Block-K, Banani Model Town

Dhaka, 1213



BJIT Limited

BJIT is a global software development and IT services company formed through a collaboration between Japanese and Bangladeshi entities. They  serve enterprise, SME, and start-up customers to build, optimize, or scale their internal business software as well as their software products. With two decades of experience in CMMI Level 3 and ISO 9001 certification  BJIT's 750+ talented software developers operate from offices in four countries  with their primary development center in Dhaka, Bangladesh. They have a strong track record of successful projects which are collaborated with Fortune top 100 companies. BJIT's engineers are located both on-site and offshore across their international sites. They are a trusted IT partner for esteemed clients like Google, Panasonic, Sony, and more.

BJIT Limited Services:

     Automated QA testing

     Custom software design and development

     Offshore developers

     Industrial engineering

     Part or full project outsourcing

BJIT Limited Contact information:

H-2275, 2279, Panchkula, Satarkul, Badda, Dhaka-1212, Bangladesh.

Fax +8802-9889830

Tel +8802-9889820

SoftBD Ltd

Soft BD Ltd. is a Bangladesh-based internet software provider established in 2006 by experienced IT professionals. The company is known for delivering high-quality on-site services for software development on various hardware and software platforms. They offer comprehensive IT solutions with the latest technology and a skilled team. The company is known for delivering high-quality on-site services for software development on various hardware and software platforms. Soft BD Ltd. has made its mark in the software market  securing significant national projects. Their dedication to client satisfaction and timely excellent work have fueled their rapid growth. They offer a full range of web design, web development  and software development services to businesses worldwide.  They   specialize in web development, e-commerce, mobile development, custom website design, domain-hosting and more. Their team is committed to pioneering results-driven internet solutions, catering to the IT needs of the corporate world today and in the future.

SoftBD Ltd. Services:

     Mobile Application

     Industrial solutions

     Custom Web Application


     CMS Solution

     Static/Dynamic Website

     UX Design & Software Prototyping


SoftBD Ltd. Contact information:

8th & 13th Floor, 52/1 Hasan Holdings Limited, New Eskaton Road, Dhaka 1000

Phone: +880-1710334756



Nascenia is a Bangladeshi software development company established in 2010  which is rapidly expanding. They are renowned for having one of the world's largest Ruby on Rails teams and a pool of skilled engineers in Android, iOS, PHP, and ASP.Net. Besides this, Nascenia has a large pool of PHP, ASP.Net, Android, and iOS engineers.  Nascenia has a successful track record of working with clients worldwide and is recognized as one of the top software companies in Bangladesh. They follow   SCRUM methodologies to deliver projects efficiently and have received awards for their outstanding work. Nascenia offers a one-stop solution for software development, mobile/web apps and websites. Their contributions  making them a valuable partner for businesses seeking comprehensive IT solutions.

Nascenia Services:

     Cyber Security

     Mobile Development

     UI/UX Design

     Quality Assurance (QA)

     Web development

Nascenia Contact information:

+880 9666 789 978

House 6/14, Block A, Lalmatia, Dhaka



Kaz Software Limited

Kaz is a Bangladeshi software firm known for custom software development. It was  established in 2004.  They've evolved into a prominent software outsourcing company and one of the best in Bangladesh. Kaz offers diverse technical solutions to their clients  which often involve developing software products. They work with their clients as an integrated team - empowering their clients to deliver better, faster and at lower cost. Their consistent growth underscores their success in the industry.

Kaz Software Limited Services:

     eCommerce Website Development

     Software Development 

     Mobile Applications Development

Kaz Software Limited Contact information:

35/5 Shantinagar

Dhaka 1217


+880 248315727

Dream71 Bangladesh Ltd

Dream71 Bangladesh is a highly promising software company in Bangladesh, dedicated to raising the bar in the field of software technology. They excel in delivering exceptional user experiences, agile engineering  and innovative mobile app strategies. With a creative team that values analysis, creativity  and explanation they are at the forefront of innovation in the software industry. Their top-notch software and applications are set to make a revolutionary impact in the ever-growing landscape of software companies in Bangladesh. Dream71 Bangladesh is a leading and up-to-date software and IT company, established in 2014 to make its mark in the flourishing software and gaming industry. In a short span, it has gained attention for its quality services and is now recognized as one of the top software companies in Bangladesh. Their top-notch software and applications are set to make a revolutionary impact in the ever-growing landscape of software companies in Bangladesh.

Dream71 Bangladesh Ltd Services:

     Android App Development

     Software Development

     IOS App Development

Dream71 Bangladesh Ltd Contact information:

House No 16 ( Level 5)

Block - A

Basundhara R/A, Main Road



Mobile:+8801550019966, +8801715091734

Phone:+88 09 678 71 1971

Pridesys IT Ltd

Pridesys IT Limited is a highly successful software company in Bangladesh, known for providing secure, scalable, and on-demand application system solutions and data access services. It was established in 2013 . They excel in offering top-notch software development services at competitive prices while maintaining the highest standards. Pridesys IT is always on the lookout for exciting opportunities to partner with forward-thinking companies that have growth ambitions, solidifying their status as one of the best software companies in Bangladesh.

Pridesys IT Ltd Services:

     Business Process Automation

     Custom Software

     Mobile Apps Development

     Web Portal

     Call Centre Solution

     Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

     IT Consultancy

     Infrastructure Solution

Pridesys IT Ltd Contact information:

Phone: +88 02 44810030-1 ,+88 01550000003-8



Apploye HQ

Apploye Inc is a pioneering SaaS company from Dhaka, Bangladesh, known for its exceptional time tracking and employee monitoring software. They have inspired the growth of SaaS startups in the country and serve customers from over 60+ countries. Apploye's mission is to empower companies and boost employee productivity through their software. With a small but tech-savvy team, they are driving the development of the SaaS ecosystem in Bangladesh.

Apploye HQ Services:

     Employee GPS Tracking

     Clock-In, Clock-out

     Automatic Timesheet

     Time Tracking

     Remote Employee Monitoring

     Client & Invoice

Apploye HQ Contact information:



Brain Station 23

Brain Station 23 Limited is a prominent software company in Bangladesh, offering a wide range of services including e-commerce solutions, mobile app development, digital marketing and custom software development. They are dedicated to helping businesses achieve their goals through innovative technological solutions. With a team of highly qualified programmers, designers and marketers. Brain Station 23 Limited is a trusted partner for organizations looking to harness the power of technology for success.

Brain Station 23 Services:

     E-commerce solutions such as creating online shops and payment processing systems

     Cloud and Cyber Security

     Web and mobile app development

     Graphic design and branding services

Brain Station 23 Contact information:

Address: 2 Mohakhali CA, Dhaka -1212, Bangladesh.


Enosis Solutions

Enosis Solutions is a renowned software development and testing service provider   from Bangladesh. They are known for their expertise in creating exceptional  desktop and mobile applications. All thanks to their skilled in-house software developers. With a proven track record of success, Enosis has worked with numerous companies and supplied software solutions to organizations of all sizes worldwide since its inception. Their focus on delivering compelling applications has earned them recognition as a premier provider of software development and testing services particularly in the United States and Canada. Enosis Solutions is a trusted name in the software development industry.

Enosis Solutions Services:

     Mobile Application Development

     Custom Software Development

     Web Application Development

     Quality Assurance & Testing

Enosis Solutions Contact information: 

Call: +1 (412) 567-4498, +880 2 883 6411


House 27, Road 8

Gulshan, Dhaka 1212



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